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 The Spiritual Supply

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Ash wood & Amethyst wand approximately 13 inches in length  $35.00



Ash wood & Quartz and peach Moonstone wand approximately 11 ½ inches in length. $30.00




Crystal ball with brass stand.3 to 3 ½ inches in diameter $45.00 made of Calcite stone.      1 inch Quartz crystal point $7.00 each.


Stone points:  Hematite, Lapis, Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, or Quartz crystal on a sterling silver bail  $10.00 each

Approximately 1 inch long




Sterling silver double dolphins with Labradorite stone $20.00           Sterling Silver Goddess Pentacle $35.00

Goddess necklace. Made of Moonstone, Dumortierite, Faceted Iolite, Faceted Austrian crystal, Fresh water pearls, Sterling Silver twist beads, & Sterling Silver Rondells. Made for opening the mind for divination, to ease meditation and for protection.  $80.00


Pewter Owl Pendant the animal of the Goddess Athena. $10.00



Necklace to honor Athena made of Amethyst, faceted Austrian crystal, Sterling Silver fancy Rondells. Choker 14 ½  inches $30.00




~More to come soon~


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