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The Herbal Kitchen



*A Tea For Relaxing *

Place one teaspoon of loose dried chamomile, & one teaspoon

loose, dried spearmint in a tea ball. Then place the tea ball in an

average size coffee mug of very hot water. Let this steep for about

10 to 15 minutes. Then sweeten with brown sugar or honey to taste.

This tea will take your stress level down & probably put you to sleep.

I think it tastes wonderful.


*Tea For A Cough *

Place one to two teaspoons loose dried redtop clover in your tea ball.

Let it steep in an average size coffee mug of hot water for 15 minutes.

Sweeten with honey and a squeeze of lemon.

This tea works well for my coughing family. I like the taste, however

A couple of my children have to force it down. So it may be an

acquired taste.


*Tea For A Sore Throat*

This tea can be swallowed if your tummy is not upset. If you tummy is

upset you may simply gargle the tea making sure you can reach the sore

area of your throat.

Place a half a teaspoon of loose dried sage & a half a teaspoon

of loose dried rosemary into a tea ball. Steep the herbs for 15 minutes.

Do not sweeten. The properties of the sage is to kill infection & the

properties of rosemary deaden pain. If you sweeten the tea you will inhibit the

herbs from working to their full potential. This tea is definitely not

one for taste in my opinion. You should make this tea for yourself

at least 2 to 3 times a day until your infection or sore throat is better.


*Tea For Upset Stomach*

This tea is a simple peppermint tea. Take one teaspoon of the loose dried

peppermint leaves, and place into your tea ball. Let it steep in average sized coffee

mug of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Sweeten tea with honey or brown sugar.

You can make even more mild by letting it steep less if you are really feeling

nauseated. This tea really helps with morning sickness for expecting mothers

or try if you are just feeling sick. It really helps!!!


*Tea For Your Nerves *

I call this lemon drop tea. It really tastes to me like lemon drops.

Place a half a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers and full teaspoon of

dried lemon balm leaves into your tea ball. Let it steep 10 to i5 minutes

in coffee mug of hot water. Sweeten tea with honey to taste like a lemon drop,

or if you prefer brown sugar you can use that instead.


*Summer Tea Breezier*

This is a sun tea that I make during the summer. Place a half a cup of fresh

flowering spearmint tops in a coffee filter tied shut & put into a clear gallon

container. Throw in 4 to 5 large fresh borage leaves and fill container with

warm water. Place lid on container and let steep in the sun for a couple of

hours . One hour is usually plenty but 2 hours makes it really taste like

spearmint. Before removing herbs when tea is finished steeping, stir them in the

container a couple of times around to release the flavor a bit. Sweeten with

a half a cup of brown sugar. What I do is fill 12 oz glass bottles with the tea

and refrigerate. You will have a great cooling summer tea for guests

that come over. The tea makes you body cool down.



Oils & Potions

Burn & Chapped skin ointment.

What you will need

1.      1 large glass jar or several small ones for finished ointment enough to hold a cup or a little more.

2.      7 to 10 fresh calendula blooms (pot marigold)

3.      2 teaspoons fresh chamomile blooms.

4.      1 small block of bees wax.

5.      1 cup of grape seed oil or safflower oil, grape seed is best.

6.      1 broiler pan or make one using a clean glass jar and pan of water.

7.      1 small strainer.


An ointment that is good to make for dry skin or sunburn

It will even help a rash. Here is how to make it. Take grape seed oil about a cup

place the oil into a double broiler pan. Add to the oil about 7to10 large calendula

blooms and cover the pan with lid. Let the oil and flowers macerate for an hour.

After an hour add to the mixture 2 teaspoons of chamomile blooms. Stir the mixture up a bit.

Now make sure you have water in the bottom of your double broiler pan. Then you will heat

the mixture over low heat on the stove for about 25 minutes. Turn off the heat and let mixture cool

to room temperature. When the mixture is cool use a small strainer to strain the herbs,

keeping only the oil, press down on the herbs in the strainer to get as much oil as you

can out of the herbs. Pour oil into a clean bowl. Now you will pour the oil back into the

broiler pan, and heat the mixture over medium heat. Next you will scrape a small shaving from the block

of bees wax and drop it into the hot oil if it melts quickly then mixture is ready to add more.

You will proceed to introduce 4 more shavings of bees wax into the hot oil. The shavings

should be 1 inches long and of an inch thick. After the wax has melted completely

you will then remove from heat and pour the mixture quickly into small glass jars before ointment

has hardened up. This ointment will be the consistency of petroleum jelly or maybe a little softer.

You can then store and use later for burns or chapped skin. If containers a sealed well you can

Save for up to 1 year.

(Warning, do not put lids on containers until oil is completely cooled down.)

Discontinue using if your skin becomes irritated at all from it.



Mixture for a relaxing bath.


It is always good to have a couple of relaxing essential oils around when you need them.

One of my favorite oil combinations is lavender oil, rose water, grape seed oil or jojoba oil

for a base oil if you have it, and a hint of rosemary oil, for sore body parts.

First fill a container with a cup of your base oil then add to it 6 drops lavender oil, & 3 drops

rosemary oil with an eyedropper. Mix up the oil very well. Now draw your bath and add to the hot

water cup of rose water to soften bath. Then add to the bath your oil mixture. The warmer the

bath water the better the oil will mix with the water. The oils will bead in the water a bit but

that is okay it will still absorb into your skin. Mix your bath very well and tie up your hair.

Grab a good book and a cup of tea to take with you and melt into a stress free moment !!




Oil mixture for cellulite.


This is a mixture of oils that is helpful in reducing the cellulite on outer skin. You will need

2oz of hazel nut oil, 8 drops of essential oregano oil, 8 drops of essential fennel oil, & 8 drops of

essential rosemary oil. Use an eyedropper the measure the essential oils. Mix the oils in a

glass container with a snug fitting lid or better, a bottle with a cork. Once you have put the oils

into the container and closed it, gently shake the oil to mix well. Now the oil is ready to use.

you should rub the oil onto the areas of your body you wish to have a smoother look

one to two hours after your bath or shower. Be sure to massage oils into your skin very well

so you will not fell oily all day, a little goes a long way! You should see the difference in your

skins appearance with 1 to 3 weeks after using the oil once a day.



* Magic Potions *





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