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~Divining With Numerology~


When using numerology keep in mind all numbers have a meaning.


The first thing that you want to do is find your life number.

Let me show you how this is done.

First take the month you were born add it together. Then add that number to the day you were born, now add the number you get, to the year you were born. For example I was born Feb. 23, 1972. I would find my life number by adding 2+2+3+1+9+7+2=26 now you must add the 2 and the 6 because we can have no double digits so 2+6=8. Now I know that 8 is my life number.


Below is how to find the number in your birth name.








































To use this chart is simple, all you do is spell out the letters in your name then one letter at a time use the graph to find out what number each letter in your name represents. For example;

Criss Ann Smith 

C=3, R=9, I=9, S=1, S=1/ A=1, N=5, N=5/ S=1, M=4, I=9, T=2, H=8


3+9+9+1+1+1+5+5+1+4+9+2+8=58 5+8=13 1+3=4

Criss’s birth name number is 4.


Finding the number in your name and birth date can help one to foresee important events in the future before it happens. Let me take a few moments to explain what some of these numbers mean.

Since my birth number is 8 my life experiences occur in patterns of 8 months 8 weeks 8 years. The month of the year for the biggest change for me is August. The most important number to most people is the life number the number you get when adding the month day and year of your birth date. It is traditional when choosing a magical name or a maiden name for your new name to match your birth name number. It is fun just to see if it matches. I do not know of any bad things that will happen if it does not match though. When I chose my magical name, I figured it out to see if it matched my birth name, it just so happened that it did match. Not every ones does though. Do not be concerned if yours does not add up the same. It is just fun to see how close it comes to matching.


The meaning of the life numbers…

#1 People who have the master number one are natural born leaders. These people have what it takes to be in charge and things come easy for them. They are very out going people.       

#2 Those born with this number are the behind the scenes people no one could live without. They are the minds behind the creations that others get credit for. Without these people the boss would not get a thing accomplished. These people are fast paced and get the job done.

#3 These people are those who are very artistic and need to be creative in their own way. They do not follow the rules of the norm. They are free spirits that cannot be confined.

#4 This person is very critical of them selves and others around them. They are concerned if they are not working hard enough. These people are happiest when they are being productive.

#5 Those born with the number 5 are also carefree as the number 3 is but 5’s are much more dramatic. They make the perfect actor’s, poets, or novel writers. They move from place to place and wander about to find new exciting things to see.

#6 these people are people everyone can count on to be there in time of need. They want to feel like they are helping someone always. They are happy people and get their work done and a fun way. These people are the positive thinkers that can find the good in all things.

#7 These people are very intelligent people. They learn very quickly and absorb information. These people usually do not have to study much for the big exam date they read it once and its there for good.

#8  Those born with the number 8 are very strong mentally and can handle mental situations. Usually you are the one those will go to for solid advice. Your downfall is that you set your goals much higher than you should. It is hard for you to accomplish the great feats that you set for your self. You are most happy when helping others with there problems instead of trying to solve your own.

#9 Those born with the number 9 are productive people but can not handle confrontation well. You can not stay focused if your know someone is unhappy. You are most happy helping a large number of people at one time, and knowing that all is well in your life and the world.


These are just a few interpretations of the numbers this may help you when using numerology to help yourself or others to find the future or why something occurred in the past. This is a quick reference and not complete by any means there are a lot of really neat things we can do when using numerology. You may want to get a really informative book on numerology if you find that you need to know more and you are very interested in using it a lot.







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