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The Mystical World Of Divining


There are many different ways to divine the future, past, & present. Anyone can do it if you are comfortable and open minded enough. When asking to be shown something you just have to listen and see things vivid, see things for what they are and what it means to you. Some of the divining tools that I have used are tarot cards, runes, a pendulum, regular deck of playing cards, bibliography, meditation, crystal gazing, and even my own dreams. Let me explain how…


The tarot can be a little more complicated at first. Choosing a deck is the first step. Choose a deck that best describes who you are. This deck should be of the spirituality of its owner. It will take some practice in understanding what every card symbolizes to the owner of the deck. When you get a tarot deck the first thing you should do is pull out all the Major Arcana cards. Study these cards only look at the pictures very carefully to see what the images make you feel or think about. After you are comfortable with your feelings on the Major Arcana you can then do a few mini readings for yourself. Do a simple past, present, & future spread. Shuffle the 22 Major Arcana cards while imagining what you need to know. When you feel they are shuffled enough lay 3 cards in a line from left to right in front of you face down. The first card farthest left is the past, the middle card is the present, and the card on the right is what will come to be, because of the first two cards.

The sample card reading above would tell me that the person this reading is for, is being shown that in the past the querent was given wisdom or knowledge of a very important situation. The middle card shows me that because of this new knowledge in the present time the querent is looking for their purpose or the meaning in their life. The final card shows me that the person will grow and finally discover why they are here in this world and what they need to be doing. The end of the emotional roll-a-coaster is coming. This realization will come to the querent probably in the spring. 

The last card shows a spring picture, a picture of fertility. This card could also be showing a pregnancy depending on the person and the knowledge the querent was given in the past.



The cups or hearts in the tarot would mean emotions. The wands or staves in the deck represent thought or knowledge. The pentacles, coins, or stones represent material gain or money. The swords in the deck would show you movement or action.

In the deck I use the moon is a Pisces, the stars are Aquarian, death is Scorpio, the Horned one a Capricorn, strength is a Leo, justice is Libra, the high priest Taurus, the emperor an Aries, the seeker is Virgo, the Tower is Sagittarius, the Chariot is a Cancer, & the lovers are Gemini. Knowing this helps when identifying the who in your readings.

When you have done several readings you will find that the numbers will have shown you dates and times, & even addresses. This will come with time. I personally did not realize that I was being shown dates and times, because I focused so much on the birth signs & elements. After I had been reading for two years I realized I was also being shown dates and times for the person I was reading for, and even myself. Take it slow at first and just learn the pictures then the dates will come to you later.



Runes are a little different from the tarot. There are no pictures to jump out at you and tell you a story.  They are harder to interpret the meanings for. These can be made out of small pebbles though, so you do not have to buy them. You should get a good book about runes and there means so that you can make a set for yourself, and learn to interpret them. I made my own set, but I am not as experienced as others on this subject. I do use my runes but I am still learning them.  Hopefully I will become good enough to feel comfortable teaching them to others soon.




A pendulum is very simple. It is the same principle as using a dowsing rod, only the pendulum is usually used for yes or no questions. Some can use the pendulum to find things they have lost. The way to make one is very simple. Take a crystal, a pendent or something with a point if you can’t find anything use an old key. Hang this form a cord or string that you can easily dangle your point from. Take a cardboard square 6in X 6in, draw a line north to south from one of the edges to the other edge of the cardboard. This will be the line that will represent the yes line. You should even write the word “yes” along this line. Now you will draw a line edge to edge east to west. This will be the no line. Write no on this line. You should end up with an equal cross on you cardboard. Now when you need to no the answer yes or no to a question you would dangle your point directly over the very center of the cross. Hold it very still with your free hand while you think of the question at hand. Let  go very gently when you have asked you question, very carefully so you do not sway your pendulum. Then your answer will appear to you.  This type of divination can be used when looking for a lost item simply by drawing a simple map of the area you lost the item. Where your point ends up you should defiantly search there. It is a very simple way to divine for yourself, and does not cost a fortune!!!




Bibliography is very simple too; Christians often use this technique with a bible. This form of divination however, is not limited to the bible. I personally have used several different books to do this myself. When you are needing  some guidance in a situation just find a book that is of some importance to you. A book that you handle or refer to often is best. You just take the book in hand; focus on the answers that you need to see. For example maybe you are wondering about a move or relocation that you about to do and you need some insight on the matter. You would focus on the outcome of this then open the book with eyes closed and put your finger on a page. Then you will read the passage or paragraph that your finger is on. If your finger is on nothing you would take it as nothing can be shown to you as of yet. You should try again in a few days. If you do have your finger on a paragraph that you don’t understand try it once more and ask the book to be clearer for you.  This can be a little frustrating at first sometimes what you are shown you may have trouble interpreting. Take your time and see carefully what you are being told. 




Another divination technique that I have personally done is to ask for a vision in my dreams. This is also very simple and will not cost you anything to try. Just simply write on a small piece of paper what you want to know more about, fold it up and place it under your pillow. This should be done right before you lay down to sleep. The dream could show you many different things. Symbols and signs that you dream of should be written down on paper as soon as you wake, then you can put all the pieces together once you are completely awake. You might be surprised at what you may find out!!!





When crystal gazing the name of the game is to stare at the crystal long enough that you see an image. This can become frustrating until you have practiced this and fine-tuned yourself so you will eventually see the image more quickly.  I have a small crystal ball that was a gift to me that I have practiced gazing into. Sometimes it takes just a few moments to see the image that I am to see, sometimes a lot longer. When you have gotten a fairly large crystal at least 50mm, you should begin buy turning the lights very low and gazing using candlelight. You should focus on the question at hand while gazing into your crystal. Usually what will appear are symbols like a cat or maybe a feather. Many things have appeared to me, as I said though I have been shown symbols. For example, if you sat down to gaze for a while and your question was, “ Is my marriage strong?” If you see a tree this would mean to me the marriage is one that will grow and be strong. You will have to interpret the symbols how they appear to you, and how your feelings are about it.


Diving is all based on how you interpret what you are shown. You need and open mind. It is always important to keep focused on the questions you are in need of an answer.  Please feel free to e-mail me if you are needing a little help or even if you wish to add anything that I have left out!!!




Diving with regular deck of playing cards.

Entered this info on 11-23-00


It has been brought to my attention that I have left out something in this section. Someone has

e-mailed me to let me know that I have not said anything about using playing cards to divine with.

I will try my best to explain how to use them. When using playing cards it for some can be a little more challenging because there are no real colorful pictures with pastel scenery to help guide those who divine visually. They do however Work just as well as the tarot and for those of us who are financially challenged, like most of us are, they make a fine divining tool!!!   First you should start with just the Royal cards and Aces. This will make your first few readings a little simpler to understand. You can use them for the same kind of spreads as tarot cards. Keeping in mind that the suits are as follows: (hearts / cups) emotion or water, (diamonds / pentacles) money or earth, (spades / wands or staffs) the mind or air, (clubs / swords) action or fire. A Queen in a reading would be a female, a King would represent a male, a Jack would represent a free spirit or someone who would live life without a care of whatever suit happened to come up. Example; if the Jack of hearts came up it would show of someone who wears their heart on their sleeve not careful of love. Aces are very positive. When an ace comes up in a reading it will be a positive aspect of the suit it happens to be. Example; if the Ace of wands would appear in your reading it would probably mean something positive with come of something you are thinking about, or it may tell you that the knowledge you are receiving, be it school or a course of study is positive for the querent of the reading. Keep in mind the Kings & Queens represent people, male or female. The zodiac for the elements are as follows;


Earth/Diamonds: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

Air/Spades: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.

Fire/ Clubs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius.

Water/Hearts: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.


When you have gotten a little more comfortable with the Royal cards & Aces, throw in your

number cards. The numbers will help to show you dates and times addresses and so on. Numbers

can be very helpful to a reading it will take time for you to notice what the numbers are showing you.

Try the 3 card spread I used as an example with the tarot above first to see how it goes.

One thing I did forget to mention. During shuffling the cards before you begin to lay down a spread, if one or two cards should fall I generally leave them until the end of the reading. I will interpret them as the final outcome of the question I have asked.

This is by no means a complete instruction course, but hopefully it will help those who are interested and wish to begin to learn. The best teaching comes from ones own experience!!!




Soon I will have some info up about numerology and how to divine using just numbers!!!






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